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Science Department

To develop scientifically literate pupils who use science to understand the world around them and make scientifically informed personal decisions.

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Science Learning in Qifa

Qifa Science teachers believe in creating meaningful and authentic learning experiences for the pupils where they can learn Science concepts through purposeful play to ignite the joy of learning

Picture3.jpgP3: Botanic Gardens Learning Journey
P3 Show & Tell (Magnets).PNG
P3: Show & Tell (Magnets)

In Primary 3, pupils attempt to classify stationery in their pencil cases when they are introduced to the term ‘classification’ in Diversity. Pupils get to bring items from home and share with their classmates what they have brought when learning the topic on Materials and Magnets.  They will also be given the opportunity to rear caterpillars to learn about the life cycle of butterflies and to develop a greater sense of responsibility through caring for their caterpillar ‘pets’.

P4 Seamless Science Learning (Heat).JPG
P4: Seamless Science Learning (Heat)
P4 S'pore Science Centre Lessons.JPG
P4: S'pore Science Centre Lessons

We collaborated in an educational research on Seamless Science Learning to extend the learning of Science beyond classroom. At Primary 4, the pupils will make a trip to the Singapore Science Centre for lessons to enhance their learning relevant to the topics learnt in that level.

P5 Flipped Classroom (Cell Model Making).JPG
P5: Flipped Classroom (Cell Model Making)
P5 Flipped Classroom (Electricity).jpgP5: Flipped Classroom (Electricity)

In Primary 5, pupils are given the freedom to learn at their own pace during their free time. By reversing the traditional model of a classroom, it allows class time to be used to master skills through collaborative projects and discussions.

P6: Sungei Buloh Learning Journey
P6: S'pore Science Centre Lessons
(Leaf Litter Community)

At Primary 6, pupils will embark on a field trip at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve to learn how adaptation applies in an authentic context. There will also get to experience the joy of digging through a leaf litter to learn how physical factors affect the types of organisms in a living environment.

By providing these rich learning experiences, pupils will be able to make connections and create relevance to see that science is found everywhere around us. 

With strong grounding in scientific knowledge and application, skills and attitudes that support the development of scientific inquiry, our Science department aims to develop scientifically literate pupils who can use science to make sense of the world around them as well as to make informed personal and societal decisions.