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Tamil Language

Our Key Programmes

The Tamil Department embarks on programmes to excite and engage pupils to develop joy in learning the language. Pupils are provided with differentiated learning experiences and a variety of teaching resources (e.g. newspapers, video clips and other ICT-enabled tools) are used to enhance the teaching and learning of Tamil Language.

Reading Programme

Supplementary reading programme and Buddy Reading are conducted to develop pupils into avid readers. Activities such as Book Talk, Show and Tell and Book-a-licious are carried out to engage pupils in the reading programme. Pupils are also introduced to many different genres and exposed to a wide range of vocabulary words.

Effective Communication

Pupils take part in activities that develop their oral skills through show and tell, role play, debate and speaker’s corner and share a book approach. These activities are conducted during curriculum time and integrated into their unit work. Enrichment programmes such as Drama workshops are also conducted for pupils so as to enable them to speak confidently.

Mother Tongue Fortnight

Pupils are exposed to Tamil language and culture through various cultural based activities. They are also given opportunities to showcase their talents. Activities such as Kidzania, Language and Cultural camp and School based competitions such as character portrayal, tongue twister and poetry writing are conducted in Term 3.

Buddy Reading Pic 1.JPG
Buddy Reading helps the pupils to improve in their reading

Book-a-licious Pic 2.jpg
During Book-a-licious pupils attentively listen to the story told by their peers
Book Talk Pic 3.jpg
During Book Talk pupils talk about the interesting characters and the moral values based on the story that they have read

Character portrayal 1pic 4.JPG character portrayal 2 pic 5.JPG
Pupils take part in role play and act out the characters 

Drama pic 6.jpg
Through drama pupils are able to express themselves confidently and enhance their communication skills

Mother Tongue Fortnight Activities

Kidzania pic 7.JPG
Pupils have fun going through experiential learning during Kidzania activity

Mother Tongue Fortnight Pic 8.jpg
Pupils are engaged in a traditional game
MT fortnight pic 9.JPG
Pupils have to speak in Tamil to play this game

Mother Tongue Fortnite pic  10.JPG
Pupils enjoy learning a traditional dance
MT fortnight Art work pic  11.jpg
Pupils are engrossed in doing Indian Art work