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Striving Towards Excellence in Mathematics (STEM)

Creative Mathematical Thinkers
Competent Problem Solvers
Constructing knowledge from learning experiences and
Ownership in learning

A robust curriculum that is aligned to the school teaching and learning framework, department mission, vision, as well as guided by the Singapore Mathematics framework where the five interrelated components of Concepts, Skills, Processes, Attitudes and Metacognition support the development of the 21st Century Competencies in our pupils.

The department designs learning experiences to equip our pupils with thinking and problem-solving skills through effective approaches and engaging activities. The department is to be well-resourced to carry out the CPA approach to mathematics teaching and learning. In addition, ICT resources are also utilised to aid and enhance pupils’ learning processes.

Thus, the Mathematics instructional programme in Qifa focuses on developing the passion of learning in our pupils and improving their attainment in Mathematics. It also aims to prepare our pupils for academic excellence, to be inquisitive, so as to become lifelong learners equipped with the knowledge and skills for the 21st Century and beyond.

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Maths Activities

Photos of Maths Activities @Qifa