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Embracing Technology

In Qifa, Information, Communications and Technology (ICT) is productively harnessed for quality teaching and learning to deepen subject mastery and develop 21st Century Competencies. In line with the MP4 goals, the ICT department aspires to nurture “Future-ready and Responsible Digital Learners”. We broaden the focus and go beyond “Self-Directed Learning” and “Collaborative Learning” to a Total Curriculum, one that provides a student-centric and values-driven education.

The ICT department in the school collaborates with the Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) department to plan and implement Cyberwellness (CW) education, anchored upon the three principles “Respect for Self and Others”, “Safe and Responsible Use” and “Positive Peer Influence”. We equip our pupils with social-emotional skills and sound values to empower them to take responsibility of their own well-being in the cyberspace.

With the Singapore Student Learning Space (SLS) being progressively rolled out, pupils of Qifa can now have the flexibility to make use of this online platform to learn anytime, anywhere and at any pace, developing them as self-directed learners. Also, through this platform, our teachers co-design, adapt and share innovative practices and pedagogies within and across schools. ICT in Qifa changes how lessons are delivered, improving and enhancing teaching to bring about quality experiences for our pupils.