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CCA Schedule for 2020 (Semester 1)

CCAs with an asterisk * indicate these CCAs engage coaches/instructors.

CCAs with a hash symbol # indicate these CCAs participate in National School Games yearly (Sports & Games CCAs) or 
Singapore Youth Festival bi-annually (Performing Art CCAs) – subject to selection

No. CCA Days Group Time
Physical Sports
1 Basketball *# Tue P4 / P5  2pm to 4pm
Thu  P3 / School team 
2 Floorball *# Tue P3 / P4 / P5 2pm to 4pm
3 Table Tennis *# Tue P3 / P4  2pm to 4pm
Thu P5 / P6 
4 Volleyball *# Tue P3 / P4 / P5  2pm to 4pm
Thu School team 2pm to 4pm
Sat 8am to 11am
5 Wushu *# Tue P3 / P4 and School team 2pm to 4pm
Thu  P5 / P6 and School team
Performing Arts
6 Chinese Dance *# Tue Performing Group 2pm to 4pm
Thu Beginners 
7 Chinese Drums * Tue Senior Team 2pm to 4pm
Thu Junior Team
8 Choir *# Tue All members 2pm to 4pm
9 Guzheng Ensemble *# Tue Beginners & Performing Group 2pm to 4pm
Thu Performing Group 2pm to 5pm
10 Indian Dance *# Thu All 2pm to 4pm
11 Malay Dance *# Thu All 2pm to 4pm
Clubs & Societies
12 Theatrical Arts and Mass Media   Tue Drama - P4 (selected) / P5 2pm to 4pm
Thu Drama - P3 / P4 (selected)
Tue QNN - P3 to P6  2pm-4pm
13 Infocomm * Tue P3 / P4 / P5 / P6 2pm to 4pm
Thu Selected members
14 Art Club # Tue Module-based Attendance 2pm to 4pm
Thu Module-based Attendance
Uniformed Groups
15 Brownies (for girls) Thu All 2pm to 4pm
16 Scouts (for boys) Thu All

All Primary 3 to 6 pupils are strongly encouraged to join a CCA as the school strongly believes that CCA provides pupils with an opportunity to experience learning outside the classroom. Instructors or coaches are engaged for all Performing Arts and Sports CCA groups to further develop pupils holistically through social interaction with their peers.

Primary 2 pupils go though the CCA Experience Programme in Semester 2 to allow them to have a better understanding of what CCA entails.

CCA is held on Tuesday and / or Thursday from 2.00pm to 4.00pm.