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Parent Support Group


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At Qifa Primary School, the parents play an active role as partners to work alongside the teachers and support the school’s activities.  

Qifa Parent Support Group (PSG) is a voluntary organization. Its members comprise mainly of parents and even grandparents of students currently enrolled in the school.

We believe that parents play an important role in our children’s growing-up years. They are co-educators in our children’s quest for knowledge, values and challenges.  

With this in mind, a hand outstretched to either pupils or staff in an hour of need would make a world of difference! 

If you are willing to give some of your time this year and make a difference in your child’s school life, all it takes is to complete this application form

We look forward to a fruitful and close partnership with you. Together we can make Qifa Primary an enriching place for our children.

List of Activities Parent Volunteers are involved in:

Learning Journeys


Reading Programmes

P1 Trip to the Jacob Ballas Children's Garden
Integrated Sports Carnival & Children's Day Celebrations
KidsRead English Reading Programme
P2 Trip to the Sentosa
Racial Harmony
Chinese Reading Programme
P3 Singapore Japanese School Immersion Programme
Teachers’ Day
P3 Trip to Jurong Birdpark
Children's Day

 Oral Buddy 
EL, TL and CL

P6 Science Centre

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