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Family Matters @School

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Qifa Primary School is partnering Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) to promote Family Matters @ School to equip parents with skills and knowledge to nurture positive family relationship. We plan a variety of programmes ranging from parenting talks and workshops to parent-child bonding activities. This year, we are in our 4th year running Triple P and Signposts which are Evidence-Based Parenting Programmes – for the P3 and P4 parents to provide stronger support for parents facing parental challenges.

You may check out the videos and photos of our current programmes here (2019).

Photos of our past programmes are also available here (2018).

Look out for our Announcement on our upcoming FamilyMatters@School Programmes on our school website, PSG’s Facebook Page and PSG’s Notice Board which is located beside Stall 8 in our school canteen.

Publicity of upcoming programmes will be made via SMS Blast from school’s general office. Please keep the school updated on your latest mobile number. Alternatively, you could email Mrs Yng Lim, our FamilyMatters@School Coordinator, at familymatters.qifa@gmail.com if you would like to receive email notifications of upcoming programme.

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Programmes for 2019

Programme Target Dates
Father’s Programme – The Fun Empire
P1 - P6 parents
Triple P Level 2 Seminar 1:
The Power of Positive Parenting
P1 - P6 parents
Triple P Level 2 Seminar 2:
Raising Confident, Competent Children
P1 - P6 parents
Triple P Level 2 Seminar 3:
Raising Resilient Children
P1 - P6 parents

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