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MISSION : We aim to develop pupils who enjoy physical activities and are physically fit so as to enable them to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

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Physical Education plays a crucial role in the overall development and growth of students. Through PE, our students acquire the knowledge, skills, right attitudes and values towards pursuing a physically active and healthy lifestyle. We, in Qifa Primary School are committed in our efforts to ensuring that each and every student has the opportunity to take part in healthy activities that promote physical growth and skills. In addition, character building is also a cornerstone of our PE Programme. To this end, all pupils are put through a structured PE Programme that develops them physically as well as imbuing in them a love for sports and physical activities. To further develop talents and interests, the school has a Co-Curricular Activities Programme that encourages all pupils to pursue an area of interest to them. 


All pupils from Primary 1 to 4 undergo 1.5 hours of PE a week while pupils from Primary 5 and 6 undergo 1 hour of PE a week. Besides the formal PE Curriculum, pupils are also given many opportunities to develop themselves physically through the following :

1) Upper / Lower Primary Sports Carnival
These aimed to encourage mass participation through modified fun games. The Carnivals are held on an inter-class basis to promote healthy competition as well as develop social cohesion among class pupils.

image001.jpg And here we go...!! image003.jpg That's a great shot...!!
image005.jpg Aren't we cool??...Class Cheer Team image007.jpg The floorball event

2) Physical Fitness Test
All pupils from Primary 4 to 6 have to undergo the annual PFT battery of 6 stations that measure various aspects of physical fitness.

3) Healthy Lifestyle Challenge
This exciting mass activity is carried out thrice a year and involves all pupils. The 3 categories are Hula-Hoop Challenge, Rope-Skipping Challenge and Volleyball Skills Challenge. 

image009.jpg The Healthy Lifestyle Challenge

4) Volleyball Niche Programme
The school attained the Programme for School-based Excellence ( Volleyball ) awarded by MOE in recognition of its excellence in volleyball. All pupils in the school will learn basic volleyball skills as well as take part in the Inter-Class Volleyball Competition ( P3 to P6 ).

image013.jpg image015.jpg
Volleyball Enrichment Program as part of PE

CHAracter Moulding Programme thru’ Sports. CHAMPS consists of 6 modules ranging from understanding what sports is to various aspects of sportsmanship. It aims to imbue character-building attributes in our pupils through their endeavors in sports.

6) SwimSafer Programme
All Primary 4 pupils will have the opportunity to take part in this MOE - SSC sponsored programme that teaches basic water-safety skills.

image017.jpg Hello…what a great time !! image019.jpg So...that's how it goes...eh???
image021.jpg No Fear of Drowning...!!! 

7) Adventure Camp
All Primary 5 pupils will have the opportunity to participate in the annual P5 Adventure Camp which is usually held in a MOE campsite. This camp aims to develop self-confidence, perseverance and co-operation through undergoing the various high rope elements and living together cohesively over the duration of the camp.                 


Primary 5 Adventure Camp - High Rope Elements to build Self-Confidence

8) Sports Education Programme
Primary 6 pupils will have the opportunity to take part in this programme in September after their PSLE. This Programme aims to bring interesting and varied activities like archery, rollerblading, hip-hop etc to the pupils. 

image027.jpg Rollerblading for fun image029.jpg Hmm… future Tiger Woods  ????
image031.jpg Archery…on target !!! image011.jpgLearning to Skateboard


All children are strongly encouraged to join a CCA. There are 5 Sports, 6 Performing Arts, 3 Clubs and 2 Uniform Groups to choose from. The Niche CCA is Volleyball. Professional coaches are engaged in 11 CCAs which are termed Core CCAS including the Niche CCA. All CCAs are available to children from Primary 3 to 6. Certain CCAs are also open to children in Primary 1 and 2.