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Tamil Language


To promote Tamil as a living language. 


Pupils to appreciate and love Tamil Language so that they communicate effectively and confidently. 

Real Experience, Authentic Learning (REAL)
Using IT to Engage Learning (iTEL)   

The teaching of core skills namely listening, speaking, reading, writing and effective communication (oral & written) in Tamil Language is carried out through experiential activities. Approaches in teaching focus on developing these skills by providing opportunities for pupils to think creatively and critically so that they can be equipped with life skills. 


Effective Communication 

Pupils take part in activities that develop their oral skills e.g   show and tell, role play, debate and speaker’s corner. These activities are conducted during curriculum time integrated into their unit work for P1-P2 and as post exam activities for P3-P6.

Reading Programme 

Reading is promoted through extensive reading programme using supplementary readers for P3-P6. Through share a book approach pupils promote the books read to their peers thus encouraging pupils to borrow Tamil books from school library and community libraries. Pupils also write book reviews, prepare book marks, book jackets and masks based on the books read for their reading portfolio.

Writing Programme

E-journal writing is conducted for pupils once a fortnight. Literature appreciation is introduced to pupils in P5 and P6 to appreciate simple literature text in Tamil.  Poem writing is conducted for P5 and P6 Higher Progress pupils to expose them to simple poems.  

IT Programme

ICT lessons using Web 2.0 tools are carried out by teachers thus promoting student engagement through collaborative and self- directed learning. 

Enrichment Programmes

Activities such as Language camps, Skill-based workshops, Touch typing workshop, Motivational talk and Learning journeys are conducted for P1-P6 pupils. 

Mother Tongue Language Fortnight Activities

Activities such as Kidzania,   Language and Cultural camp and  School based competitions are conducted in  Term 3 for Mother Tongue language fortnight.  Pupils are also exposed to Tamil Dramas staged by local artist and they take part in festive celebrations too.