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Malay Language


The aim of learning Malay Language is to equip the individual with the right knowledge and attitude towards self and the community.


Pupils are able to be confident speakers and develop creative and critical mind.


The learning of Malay Language is carried out through the integration of four core skills, namely, oral, reading, listening and writing. The Malay Language teachers develop lessons to engage pupils in the learning of Malay language through various strategies such as REAL and iTEL.  The department also embarks on developing school-based curriculum innovation where lesson packages are designed using the Cooperative Learning approach and ICT, leveraging on the 21CC initiative to help our pupils to learn linguistic concepts and skills more deeply so that they will be equipped with the knowledge and skills for the 21st Century and beyond. 

Programmes Focus

Effective Communication 

Pupils participate in activities that develop their Oral skills. Some of the activities include Show & Tell, role play, Speaker’s corner (P1-P4) and Young Journalist (P5-P6). 

Structured Reading Programme

Reading is promoted through extensive reading programme, PERMATA using supplementary readers, newspaper and magazines for all levels.  Through a shared book approach, pupil ambassadors will promote the books read to their peers to encourage pupils to borrow books from the school library.  Pupils also write book reviews and character portrayal based on the books read and participate in library activities.

Writing Programme

Pupils will be involved in journal writing based on themes (P3-P6).  Literature appreciation is introduced to pupils in P5 and P6 to encourage our pupils to appreciate literary works by prolific writers.  


Pupils will be taught using ICT tools to promote the element of fun and joy in learning Malay as well as to equip them with the necessary IT skills. 

Mother Tongue Language Fortnight Activities

Pupils will be participating in language activities such as Kidzania (P1-P2), Language and Cultural Camp, workshops (P3-P6) and Hari Raya Celebrations. 


Selected P4-P6 pupils will be involved in National Essay Writing competition and other language and cultural competitions organised by MOE and other organisations.