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Chinese Language

Real Experience Authentic Learning

This department-wide approach aims to promote creative thinking, collaborative learning and leading to self-directed learning in every pupil.  MT teachers develop lessons to engage pupils in learning through experiential activities.  Teaching approaches focus on promoting quality of communication skills, providing opportunities for expression and encouraging critical thinking through recognising links with their real environment.

Examples of programmes with REAL EXPERIENCES beyond the classroom with a focus on Effective Communication (EC):
Talent Development Programmes such as Little Journalists, Story Telling, Essay writing
Cultural Programme Exposure Scheme 
Celebration of festivals such as Lunar New Year and Mid-Autumn Festival
MTL Fortnight Activities such as Calligraphy, Essay Writing, KIDZANIA, Paper Cutting
Taking part in National / Zonal MTL competitions such as Story-Telling, Calligraphy, Essay                    Writing Competitions
School-wide Reading Programmes such as Oral Buddy, Bookalicious, Reading with Mums,                Classroom Reading Activities
Overseas Immersion Programmes to China - Dabu County and Nanjing

Examples of AUTHENTIC LEARNING within the classroom with a focus on Differentiated Instructions:
School-designed essay writing and oral packages which are closely related to pupils’                        experiences and differentiated to their learning needs
Diagnostic and Formative assessments designed to assess pupils’ learning and promote                    ‘Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing’ components
Adopting and integrating ICT MP3/MP4 enablers into Chinese  Language curriculum and                    assessments for collaborative and self-directed learning such as:                                                                   
* HansVision, MS Word, MS Publisher, MS Powerpoint, Vocaroo, Mind-Meister, Quizlet, Kahoot, Padlet, Linoit, Google Doc / Emailing / Blogging, McOnline, I-Flashbook, iMTL portal, ETD resources, E-知识

Level Programmes

P1 and P2
Focus is on Effective Communication and Reading

School-wide Reading Programmes
PERI Holistic Assessment
Sentence/Paragraph writing
Oral Conversation using Videos *New PSLE format*
Show and Tell

P3 and P4
Focus is on Writing. Promote “From Reading to Writing” and building a strong foundation in writing

School-wide Reading Programmes
Pupils are encouraged to write a different ending or book review after reading the story books

Structured approach on teaching essay writing skills
School-designed essay writing packages to develop skills in writing short sentences to construct paragraphs. The packages are differentiated to adapt to pupils’ learning needs which include the self/ peer evaluation and formative assessment components 
Pupils will learn and apply appropriate words, phrases, punctuations and conjunction words in their writing and are able to evaluate their writing

P5 and P6
Focus is on Critical Thinking, Questioning Techniques and Higher Order Thinking Skills

Structured approach on teaching oral and essay writing skills
School designed video oral conversation packages to develop pupils with oral and communication skills to recount and describe what is seen in the video and to answer prompting questions
School designed essay writing packages to develop skills in writing introduction, climax and conclusion.  The packages are differentiated to adapt to pupils’ learning needs and include the usage of good phrases and words

Chinese New Year Celebration
Reading Programme
Show and Tell
Tea Appreciation
Chinese Language Camp