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The Mathematics curriculum aims to help pupils achieve a level of mastery of mathematics that will serve them well in life and develop an inquiring mind so that they will be equipped with the knowledge and skills for the 21st century and beyond, and for those who have the interest and ability, to pursue mathematics at the highest possible level. 




Maths Program (3-1).jpg The Learning Support for Maths (LSM) aims to provide early intervention and support for pupils who are weak in numeracy skills.
Maths Program (3-2).jpg The International Chess Programme combines Mathematical concepts with fun chess game. This ignites the pupils’ passion for Maths.
Maths Program (3-3).jpg

Maths Program (3-4).jpg
Maths FAME Day is a signature programme of Qifa. This programme aims to increase pupils’ curiosity in Mathematics and develop their love in Maths. Pupils can relate Mathematics to everyday life.
Maths Program (3-5).jpgThe annual Calculator Discovery Programme serves to provide a headstart to using of the calculators in the upper primary syllabus for the P4 pupils.
Maths Program (3-6).jpgPupils get to learn through experience and carry out hands-on learning to further deepen their Maths learning.