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ICT Vision : A community of competent, innovative

& discerning ICT users.

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The ICT Department aims to develop every pupil in Qifa to be competent in basic ICT skills. The Department challenges pupils to be creative in their use of ICT for learning. It also presses upon the pupils to exercise cyber wellness when using the Internet. It aims to develop pupils to become discerning ICT users as they use the Internet anywhere and anytime in their learning process.

The department aims to achieve the vision through the following programmes :

  • The structured base line ICT lessons where pupils are taught a repertoire of basic ICT skills and how to use them for learning. 

Structured Basic ICT Skills

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  • Through Instructional Progammes, pupils are given opportunities to explore an array of ICT tools and select the appropriate tool for their learning. The IP and ICT Department Heads collaborate and design authentic and innovative lessons to engage the pupils. Pupils will use current software and Web 2.0 tools to complete a given task which is in-line with the curriculum.

  • Pupils are given also opportunities to use the ICT skills innovatively and creatively as they carry out their Integrated Project Work. These projects help pupils to work collaboratively and become self-directed learners. Pupils also take part in various local and international competitions. 

The CCE & ICT department  enforces Cyber wellness through structured cyber wellness lesson during ICT, Character and Citizens Education and Civic & Moral Education lessons. 


In these lessons, pupils are made aware of the benefits and proper use of the Internet. Teachers also highlight the dangers of inappropriate use of the Internet in these lessons. Cyber wellness Ambassadors are empowered to enforce proper use of the Internet by setting good role models. Through road shows, independent Project Works and competitions, pupils are given opportunities to display appropriate behaviour when using the Internet. In addition, through “My Cyber Space” periods, ICT Department gives pupils easy access to computers and iPADs during recess and after school.  This opportunity helps pupils to work independently and display cyber wellness.

The ICT Department also aims to develop teachers’ competency in using ICT to develop pupils to become self-directed learners and collaborative team players. The department organizes customized ICT workshop/ sharing since 2012 to cater to the different needs and abilities of the teachers. Teachers use their Professional Development Time (PDT) to collaborate and design innovative ICT lessons and projects.