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West Coast Earth Hour 2017

On 25th March 2017, Qifa collaborated with West Coast Community Centre in this year's community event West Coast Earth Hour 2017 . Pupil leaders inclusive of Value-In-Action (VIA) monitors and school prefects set up educational, game and, art and craft booths to educate the community on a variety of environmental issues. These booths cover topics on energy conservation and efficiency, good practices in the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) and food wastage. There was also an engaging performance put up by Qifa's English Language Debate and Drama Society (ELDDS) entitled, Darkness of Light, highlighting the adverse impact of human activities on the climate.

As part of the school's efforts to address important issues concerning climate change and being environmentally friendly, we are proud to present our very own Qifa News Network (QNN) team. Members from QNN filmed good practices of energy conservation and the 3Rs that are carried out in Qifa. This video has been simultaneously broadcast during Qifa's Earth Hour pre-assembly programme and also during the West Coast Community Earth Hour event. Qifa pupils who could not attend West Coast Earth Hour 2017 event were still able to participate in booths set up during their recess periods. They also watched both the QNN video and the ELDDS performance during the pre-assembly programme. 

This event boosted collaboration and teamwork among pupils from different leadership programmes and Co-Curricular Activities. Pupils augmented their 21st Century competencies of being a confident speaker through their interactions with the public, being a self-directed learner through their planning and setting up of the booths, and were concerned citizens and active contributors through their efforts to make a difference through their efforts to educate the public on environmental issues.

The event was a resounding success and a truly enriching learning experience for both the pupils, parent volunteers and teachers who participated on this inspiring occasion.