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COOL (Caught dOing gOod in schooL) Kids is an initiative to publicly recognise and affirm pupils who have displayed exemplary behaviour and/or school values –ASPIRE to serve as role models to the rest of the pupils in the school.
Guiding Principle – Values are taught and caught
Values are taught when they are explicitly expressed through the knowledge and skills encapsulated in the CCE curriculum. Values are caught when students see values lived out in different learning experiences. Positive reinforcement of good behaviours and/or deeds is essential to the character development of the students.
Deserving pupils are identified and nominated monthly by their Form/Co-Form/Subject teachers. The school affirms these pupils' good deeds through pre-assembly talks at the end of each month, encouraging other pupils in the school to also do good to others in school. Photographs of COOL Kids and a write-up of their good deeds are also displayed on the school website.