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To equip every child the competencies and skills to be an upright citizen.


Every child an active and righteous citizen who serves beyond self.


Our CCE Framework is rooted in our school values ASPIRE.  It seeks to achieve the 21st Century Competencies and Desired Student Outcomes Framework by MOE (please see Fig. 1 below) through four key programmes in the school: Character Development, Values in Action, Citizenship and Pupil Leadership.  The school mission is at the core of our CCE Framework; it anchors what we seek to achieve in our pupils.

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Figure 1: 21st Century Competencies and Desired Student Outcomes 
Source: Ministry of Education, Singapore, 2010

Key Programmes

Character Education focuses on:
  • Establishing core values – Moral Knowing (P1-2)
  • Demonstrating good behaviour – Moral Feeling (P3-4)
  • Influencing others with good character – Moral Action (P5-6)

Character Building activities as follows:
  • Project ROAR
  • Kindness Project
  • Outdoor's Fun
  • Zippy Friends
  • Star Pupil Award
  • Model Class Award
  • Personal Effectiveness Workshop
  • Handling Peer Pressure Workshop
  • Conflict Resolution Workshop
  • Assembly Talks on School Values
  • School-based CCE lessons on School Values

Citizenship Education focuses on the ‘Head, Heart, Hands’ approach:
  • ‘Head’– Know, Think, Understand (P1-2)
  • ‘Heart’ – Love, Appreciate, Belong (P3-4)
  • ‘Hands’ – Contribute, Create, Lead (P5-6)

Citizenship Education activities as follows:
  • Social Studies related Learning Journeys
  • Heritage Gallery (HG) Lessons
  • Assembly Talks on Citizenship Education
  • School-based CCE lessons on Citizenship Education

4 core National Education Events
  • Total Defence Day
  • International Friendship Day
  • Racial Harmony Day
  • National Day

Values in Action (VIA) focuses on:
  • Understanding Self & Peers (P1-2)
  • Serving the school (P3-4)
  • Serving the community (P5-6)

VIA activities as follows:
  • iCare Project
  • Sentosa KidzFlea
  • P1 Buddy Programme
  • Newspaper Recycling and Collection
  • Intergenerational Learning Programme
  • Hospice Care Association Project
  • Foodwaste Reduction Initiative
  • Haze Attack Campaign
  • Assembly Talks on VIA
  • ‘Keep Qifa Clean’ Campaign
  • kNOw Cleaners' Day
  • School-based CCE lessons on VIA
  • South West CDC Green School Award

Pupil Leadership focuses on:
  • Leading Self (P1-2)
  • Leading Peers (P3-4)
  • Leading Team (P5-6)

Pupil Leadership activities as follows:
  • Pupil Suggestion Scheme
  • Student Leadership Camp
  • Student Leadership Modular Training
  • Classroom-based CCE Lesson on Pupil Leadership
  • School-based CCE lessons  on Pupil Leadership

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Please click here to learn what it takes to inculcate values effectively and how to tackle challenges along the way. This article first appeared in CONTACT, The Teachers' Digest, Issue 19, July 2015.