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2014 Zhang Shou Shi National Calligraph​y & Chinese Painting Exhibition for Primary and Secondary Schools

On 17 July 2014, the 2014 Zhang Shou Shi National Calligraphy & Chinese Painting Exhibition opened at Central Public Library Basement 1 Multi-Purpose Room. The theme was  "Language develop civil values and art cultivate moral virtues". Two of our students works were submitted and accepted by the organisers.

Lin XinEr of P5E Calligraphy submission was the poem “ Reminisce in the Quiet Night” written by Li Ba which represents the passion and memories one has for his or her beloved hometown. XinEr’s Calligraphy was awarded the Bronze medal for the Primary School category

Valarie Wong ShiQi of P4B Chinese painting submission is the art presentation of “Father and Son Duet” shows a Rooster and a chick walking side-by-side  represent how both paired up to overcome challenges while the young is maturing.

Both students’ art works were selected to be published in the exhibition’s magazine. The girls’ success resulted from their passion towards Calligraphy and Chinese painting. It is an indisputable fact that dedication and practices are the keys to their achievement.