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Visual Art

Art plays an important role in our everyday life. Art beautifies, captures memories, communicates ideas, imparts values and evokes emotions. Art exists all around us in different forms, such as in the colours and patterns in nature to everyday images and designs on magazines, products, and media.

The role art plays in our students’ growth and development cannot be overstated. Through positive learning experiences in art, students in Qifa Primary School develop visual literacy which enables them to observe and perceive the world with increased awareness and aesthetic sensitivity. Making art also encourages the development of creativity while engendering a sense of self-worth. This equips the students to better understand and engage with the world they live in.



The school’s music programmes aim to provide students with a structured development of music skills and knowledge through interesting hands-on learning experiences. Music is also integrated into various curriculum areas such as English, Mathematics, Social Studies, National Education, IT, Art and Physical Education.

The lower primary students are given the opportunity to develop a range of music skills through listening, singing, movement patterns and skills in simple notation. Speech and Drama is integrated into the English curriculum of Primary 1 and 2 to provide students with the opportunity to develop oral skills and build confident speakers and creative performers on the stage. Primary 3 to Primary 6 pupils incorporate music skills such as composing and improvisation into subjects such as English Language, Social Studies and Health Education.

Performing is an important way to present and express one's creativity and aesthetic development. Therefore, students are encouraged to present their work during the Music and Dance /Talent Week, Musical Drama Presentation, school's core functions and celebrations.

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