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Bouquets from Parents and Other Partners

“We are glad that the school has given our child excellent guidance, care and opportunities to lead and excel all these years. This is definitely invaluable experience that will better prepare him for life after school.”
Parent of a Primary 6 child (2015)

“Thank you all for the outstanding job done for my son.  Never in my wildest would I dream that my child will peak at his PSLE with As for both Maths and Science.  Thanks again for not giving up on him even after he is diagnosed with a learning condition.”
Parent of a Primary 6 child (2014)

“With a team of such dedicated teachers, I am sure Qifa Primary School will continue to do well. I appreciate all the undivided attention and care for our children. We wish the best to Qifa Primary School and hope that the school will continue to grow with great educators.”
Parent of a Primary 6 child (2014)

“I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the school for a wonderful team of experienced and dedicated teachers who are ever so responsive to the needs and concerns of the children. My girls have indeed benefited from being part of the Qifa family.”
Parent of a Primary 5 child

“Please continue the good work and know that you have our full support in your campaign to educate and nurture the Qifa children.”
Parent of a Primary 4 child

“I am writing on behalf of my family, and would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the teachers of Primary 3__ class for their continual help and support in my daughter’s education… My daughter felt frustrated in her first few months studying in Singapore because she could not understand the course materials and was unable to complete her assignments due to her EL limitation… at the end of Term 2, her EL examination results was ranked no. 2 in the class and no. 1 for Mathematics, Science and Chinese Language… we appreciate Qifa Primary School because the school provided her the opportunity… all her accomplishments are the result of her teachers' hard work.”
Parent of a Primary 3 child

“From Primary One to now, the Form Teacher has given our child a lot of help not only in studies but also in moral education. She put in a lot of effort to encourage my child and  I can see the changes my child has made…   Other parents also have the same feedback as me.  All my family members appreciate the Form Teacher’s efforts.”
Parent of a Primary 2 child

“It is really heart-warming to know the Teachers and Principal in Qifa care so much for their pupils.  Our child enjoys school very much as he is the only child at home and look forward to meeting his friends and teachers in school.” 
Parent of a Primary 2 child

“Keep up the wonderful and lovely job.  Kudos to the principal and teachers in Qifa who demonstrate and teach what they preach on holistic learning.”
Parent of a Primary 2 child

“Thank you for all the support and guidance given to our child.  Without it, he would not have had the opportunity to learn and improve himself in Qifa over the past 3 terms.  We are glad that our child is in Qifa. The school and the staff has indeed lived up to its vision of ‘An Achieving School With A Caring Environment’.”
Parent of a Primary I child

“The Form Teacher's prompt response has demonstrated Qifa Primary's commitment to providing a caring, friendly and secure environment, which is essential for any child's strive towards excellence… Thank you for the resolute assurance that your team has shown.”
Parent of a Primary I child

 “My family and I are extremely grateful to the school librarian for her outstanding sense of duty and for going above and beyond her job scope to take care of the welfare of our child.  Please forward our appreciation to her and extend our compliments to the Principal and the rest of the school staff.”
Parent of a Primary 1 child

“I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to some of the pupils of 4E who have gone out of their way to help us… I would also like to thank the IT staff who came to assist us on system problem and network connection.  We also appreciate the school teachers who bought us some drinks as we could not afford to break for lunch due to time constraints. We were touched by the school hospitality.”
Staff from National Library Board