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Thank you for your support for Camp@Home. The collaboration with Qifa Primary School has been instrumental to the success of Camp@Home, benefiting our overseas Singaporean campers tremendously by giving them an invaluable experience in school life in Singapore and the opportunity to make new friends. The day in school will certainly be a highlight of their time back in Singapore.

We are very appreciative of the warm hospitality extended to our campers by the staff and students of Qifa Primary School. My gratitude goes out to all the teachers who took the time and effort to make our campers feel at home, as well as staff involved for their meticulous planning and effort in coordinating this immersion programme. I would also like to commend the buddies for their enthusiasm and care in looking out for our campers and bringing them around. Thanks to their newfound friends from home, our campers had an enjoyable day in school to remember.

Wong Kan Foo
Director from Overseas Singaporean unit (MCCY)
August 2018

Please click here for photos of the event.


“I would like to highlight to you about a commendable action by a little boy from your school. He's a little chubby boy with spectacles and was carrying a rather large school bag on his back. He boarded the MRT at around 2:30pm at Clementi station and alighted at Lakeside station. When he came in, there was an empty seat in the middle of the cabin and naturally he sat on that as no one was taking it. However, at the next station, a few elderly folks came in and this little guy actually stood up and offered his seat to them even though he was not sitting on one of the reserved seats. He even almost fell when the train started to move. I managed to grab hold of him as I was standing right in front of him. And when the auntie alighted and pointed to him to take the seat, instead of taking it immediately, he offered it to another uncle who was nearby. While it might not seem a big deal, as a frequent MRT commuter, it was rather rare for me to see such a young primary school kid doing that and it really warmed my heart. There's another lady who obviously was pleasantly surprised by his action as well. She even helped him to close up his school bag as it was not properly zipped up. I hope you would help let this little guy know that he had really done well today and this type of spirit is what we should cultivate in this society and this positive feedback should be shared with his peers and parents as well. He has done them proud. Great job! Thanks.”

Member of the Public, Mr Wayne Erh
(Via online feedback to the school on Tuesday 21 April 2015)


Students from Qifa Primary School took part in the judging process and assisted in the assessment of the public toilets at the Market & Food Centre at West Coast Drive. It was an opportunity for the students to appreciate the work of the rest room caretakers, and to learn about good toilet etiquette and hygiene practices to adopt when using public rest rooms.

Mr Arthur Fong, Chairman of West Coast Town Council, also presented a token of appreciation to Mr Kenny Ng from Qifa Primary School for their participation.

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"I am told that the youngest Ramadhan On Wheels volunteer is Adriana Syaqeera Bt Syed Umar, a 7-year-old student at Qifa Primary.

She has been volunteering since she was 5 years old. Despite her size, she helps to deliver items like mattresses and pillows. She finds it fun to help her aunty and uncle, who are also volunteers. I was told her exact words were “Kalau kita help, kita happy! (If we help, we’ll be happy!)”."

Excerpt of speech by Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam, Deputy Prime Minister & Minister for Finance, at the launch of 4PM Ramadhan On Wheel 2014 on 29 March 2014. Adriana is in Primary 2F. Click here for the full text of the speech.


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