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Principal’s Message

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“I am who I am because of who we all are” (Ubuntu).

Welcome to our school website, friends of Qifa.  As you navigate our website, you will encounter many outstanding pupils, dedicated staff and supportive partners who are united by a shared vision to build “An Achieving School with a Caring Environment”. 

Appreciating the Past, Charting the Future
Qifa is a school with a rich history, and we are deeply grateful to our past school leaders who have shaped the school and taken Qifa to where it is today.  We are continually guided by our school mission: “Developing a Community of Life-long Learners, Leaders of Character and Socially Responsible Global Citizens”.  In Qifa, we see education as a continual and fascinating journey therefore we seek to cultivate a deep sense of intellectual curiosity and imagination in our pupils to promote lifelong learning.

It has often been said that ‘values are caught, not taught’.  Allow me to share a simple story with you on values in action which I witnessed in school.  In a sea of children during recess, I spotted a primary one boy with his shoelaces untied.  I asked him to tie his shoelaces so that he would not accidentally trip and fall.  He looked up at me helplessly and replied, “but I don’t know how to". Before I could respond, one of his classmates immediately and gallantly offered to help him, and what a fantastic job he did.  This is one of the many encounters and interactions which I have with the children everyday but they are treasured moments as I learn so much from them. 

“Whether our gifts become blessings that serve others is a decision we each have to make daily.”
In this instance I have a child who decided to take charge when he saw a classmate in need.  He realised that his skill could be a blessing to someone else besides himself, and acted almost instinctively to share his gift.  He has lived out one of our school values “A Caring Heart”.  The development of a strong sense of moral identity and purpose forms the core of the Qifa education. We seek to develop many such gems in the school who are “leaders of character” and “socially responsible” who empathise with and reach out to the less fortunate and able.

Finally, what makes Qifa a unique learning environment for our pupils is the diversity of our pupil population which enables us to broaden the horizons of our local pupils through their interactions with our international pupils.  Our pupils develop critical multi-cultural skills which equip them to become citizens of the world.

 Yours truly

 Principal, Qifa