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Programme for School-Based Excellence

The Ministry of Education’s Programme for School-Based Excellence scheme recognizes schools that have achieved standards of excellence in selected areas. This scheme creates more opportunities for students to develop themselves and for schools to develop programmes to further enhance these competencies.

Qifa Primary School’s track record of excellence in volleyball over the years has led to its selection by MOE into the scheme. Our niche programme in volleyball aims to get each and every pupil to be able to play volleyball by the time our pupils graduate from school in primary six. This is achieved through Enrichment Volleyball Programmes for all pupils as well as widespread participation in inter-class volleyball competitions. In addition, volleyball is also taught as part of the integral Physical Education Programme. The aim is to infuse a culture of enjoying sports through volleyball and in the process, cultivate a healthy lifestyle among all our pupils. Key to sports participation is also our emphasis on character development with the promotion of sportsmanship as an essential component.

Our efforts to develop a culture of excellence in volleyball have also been successful. The results at the West Zone level of competition over the past years have effectively entrenched our position as the premier school in volleyball in the west.


DIVISION 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
Senior Boys 1 st 1 st 1 st 1 st st    st  
Senior Girls 1 st 1 st 1 st 1 st st 2 nd
Junior Boys 1 st 1 st 1 st 3 rd 2 nd   st
Junior Girls 4 th 2 nd 1 st - 2 nd     2 nd  


 Senior Boys st   1 st   
Senior Girlsst  nd  
 Junior Boysst  nd  
 Junior Girls  nd  nd  

Our players have slowly, but surely, made progress at the National Level of competition too. The results at the National Level have, over the years, bore testimony to our success as one of the best schools in volleyball in Singapore.


DIVISION 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
Senior Boys rd 3 rd st 3 rd - th
Senior Girls 2 nd  2 nd  2 nd  2 nd  -  5 th  
Junior Boys - 2 nd - - -     2 nd
Junior Girls - nd 2 nd - st      nd   


Senior Boysth  th

 Senior Girlsst   rd  
 Junior Boys2 nd st  
 Junior Girlsnd 3 rd  


Our victorious 2013 volleyball teams


 Our victorious teams in the West Zone Inter-Primary Schools Volleyball Championships 2014


 Well done, Junior Girls! You are the National Champs 2014!

Resized Group photo.jpg

Congratulations! Our volleyball teams at the West Zone Championships 2015.

Senior Girls.JPG

Congratulations! Our Senior Girls are the National Champions 2016 for their division.

Junior Boys National Champions.JPG
Congratulations! Our Junior Boys emerged as the National Champions in the 2017 National Primary Schools Volleyball Championships for the Junior Boys Division.

Our inclusion into the Programme for School-Based Excellence ( Volleyball ) by MOE is recognition that volleyball, as a niche, has and will continue to play a large part in the overall development of our pupils. Going forward, we will be engaging expert coaches from overseas to train our pupils as well as continue bringing our teams for overseas training and competitions – all with the aim to enhancing our competencies in the sport. The future of volleyball in Qifa Primary School is bright and exciting and we welcome all to embark on this exciting journey with us.

Please click on this link to view photos our victorious teams in the 2016 West Zone Championships.

Please click on this link to view photos of our school teams in the 2017 West Zone Volleyball Championships.

This following is a video of our Volleyball team as featured in MOE Facebook.


image004.jpg image006.jpg
Our teams training at the Zhangzhou China Women’s Volleyball National Team Training Base in 2011

image008.jpg image010.jpg
Our teams training in Taiwan and relaxing at a hot spring in 2012.

IMG_0615.JPG IMG_0477.JPG
Our teams mountain biking and training with their Taiwan counterparts in Taiwan, 2013.
Please click here for more information on the trip.

Volleyball 2014 Malaysia.jpgVolleyball 2014 Gp Photo.jpg
Our teams training trip to Malaysia in November, 2014
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